Options Options

functions/options.sh contains functions related to parsing resource options.


This function creates an option in a waffles.resource.

local -A options
waffles.options.create_option state   "present"
waffles.options.create_option package "__required__"
waffles.options.create_option version
waffles.options.parse_options "$@"

To successfully create a set of options:

  • A local options variable must be created. If not, the options will be appended to the last resource declared.
  • waffles.options.create_option is used with the first argument being the option name and the second argument being an optional default value.
  • If the default value is __required__, Waffles will error and halt if the option was not set.


This function creates a multi-value option. These types of options can be specified multiple times. In order to use, you must declare an array of the same name as the option. For example, the augeas.mail_alias resource looks like this:

local -A options
local -a destination
waffles.options.create_option    state       "present"
waffles.options.create_option    account     "__required__"
waffles.options.create_mv_option destination "__required__"
waffles.options.create_option    file        "/etc/aliases"
waffles.options.parse_options    "$@"

Now when declaring an alias, you can do:

augeas.mail_alias --root --destination jdoe --destination jsmith --destination foobar


This function cycles through all options that were given in a declared waffles.resource. It will report if any required options were not set.