Manages users


  • state: The state of the resource. Required. Default: present.
  • user: The user Required.
  • uid: The uid of the user Optional.
  • gid: The gid of the user Optional.
  • createhome: Whether to create the homedir. Default: false.
  • sudo: Whether to give sudo ability: Default: false.
  • shell: The shell of the user. Default /usr/sbin/nologin.
  • comment: The comment field. Optional.
  • homedir: The homedir of the user. Optional.
  • passwd: The password hash. Optional.
  • groups: Supplemental groups of the user. Optional.
  • system: Whether the user is a system user or not. Default: false


os.useradd --user jdoe --uid 999 --createhome true --homedir /home/jdoe \
           --shell /bin/bash --comment "John Doe"


The --system true flag is only useful during a create. If the user already exists and you choose to change it into a system using with the --system flag, it's best to delete the user and recreate it.